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>>> 2015-10-04 - Further information about the upcoming release <<<

You can now listen to every song from the upcoming album for 30 seconds!
Just have a look at this player:

If you like what you hear, you can already preorder the album at our webshop or at
The CDs arrived at our headquarter some days ago and they look incredibly great!

Sekoria Mixing Sekoria Mixing Sekoria Mixing
Sekoria Mixing Sekoria Mixing

>>> 2015-09-21 - NEW ALBUM "Im Reich der Schatten"
will be released on 20th November 2015 <<<

We are very happy to announce that with Kernkraftritter Records, we finally found a great partner to release our new album with!

“IM REICH DER SCHATTEN” will be released on 20th November 2015 and thanks to our partners at Alive AG it will be available all over Europe and in all the big online shops (Spotify, Itunes, Amazon, …)!

The CD, which will be sold in a Jewelcase with 12-page booklet and contains approx. 63 minutes of material, consisting of the following tracks:

1. Einbruch der Dunkelheit (01:29)
2. Im Reich der Schatten (05:04)
3. Die Nachtigall (05:04)
4. Ein neuer Weg (02:11)
5. Wesen der Zeit (06:52)
6. Canticum Maris (07:13)
7. Der Sturm, den ich rief (04:58)
8. Vendetta (05:46)
9. Der Fall (05:16)
10. Die vergessene Welt (04:40)
11. Thron aus Eis (06:26)
12. Ein letztes Mal (08:39)

Here you can see the cover of "Im Reich der Schatten":
Sekoria Mixing
PRE-ORDER at our webshop or at

Then again, we have two new gigs to announce:
1. Rumpelkammer Kreuztal, 2015-09-26 (coming saturday)
2. B58 Braunschweig, 2015-11-28
For further information, have a look at the "LIVE" page, you will find the flyers there.

>>> 2015-03-22 - Live video and new gigs <<<

Because we have already played there before and knew it would be a great atmosphere again, we took a camera with us to NOCTURA this year. So here is a vdeo from our gig. Unfortunately, the audio is very poor. Next time, we will do better!
Nevertheless, you can get an impresson of the great atmosphere!

Then, we have two new gigs to announce:
1. @ PUSH-Festival Hilchenbach, 2015-04-11
2. @ Helvete Oberhausen, 2015-05-29
For further information, have a look at the "LIVE" page, you will find the flyers there.

>>> 2014-12-27 - New Gig + Studio-Update <<<

First: Our next gig will be at the NOCTURA V in Bielefeld at 21th February 2015! For further details have a look at the
Facebook event.

Second: Tthe new release is almost finished! Pretty much everything is recorded and mixed and it sounds HUGE!
At the moment I am working on the last little things (while enjoying my coffee out of the one and only Sekoria cup ;-).
We also managed to get a great artwork, which you will hopefully like as much as we do.

The next step will be to find a solution for distribution and we will let you know immediately if there is something happening.
Labels should not hesistate to contact us if they are interested!

Regarding the studio video we announced to upload: we didn't manage to finish it yet because we wanted to focus on the album, but we didn't forget that and will let you know when it's finished.

Sekoria Mixing

>>> 2014-07-30 - There is something glowing in the dark... <<<

Recording sessions for the upcoming release are running, almost all the bass is tracked.
Next: the guitars, please! Some video footage will follow in the next time, probably on the weekend.

Sekoria Bass Recording

>>> 2014-03-30 - New Gig <<<

Our next gig will be at Rumpelkammer Kreutzal on 26th April 2014. We will share the stage with Fallen Tyrant!
We will play a long set and you will notice some significant changes if you have seen us live before, so be there!


>>> 2014-03-06 - Rehearsal Room Video / New Song: <<<

Well.. we have to admit that it has been a while since our last sign of life.
Because of hat, we decided to throw some mics and cameras into our rehearsal room to give you an impresson of one of our new songs and to show you that we are NOT ONLY drinking beer. In Fact, we're almost ready to start recording our second full-length album.
The recording an dmixing will definitely not take als long as last time, so that it hopefully can be released on a decent label soon.
The songs are all absolutely killer, stay tuned for studio footage!

What do you think of "Die Nachtigall"? Let us know and spread the word!

BTW.: new live gig to be announced soon!