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Sekoria Live

Upcoming shows:

- 01.10.2016: Rumpelkammer Kreuztal
with "Urmorth"

- 05.11.2016: Vortex Surfer Siegen
with "Hyems"

- 11.11.2016: Bei Memet Hildesheim
with "Kaapora", "Critical Mess"

- 11.11.2016: B58 Braunschweig
with "Kaapora", "Critical Mess"

Past shows:

- 28.11.2015: KKR Labelnight, B58 Braunschweig
with "Infesting Swarm", "Außerwelt"

- 26.09.2015: Rumpelkammer Kreuztal
with "Infesting Swarm", "Außerwelt"

- 11.04.2015: PUSH-Festival Hilchenbach

- 29.05.2015: Helvete Oberhausen
with "Vyre", "Infesting Swarm", "A Sable Opiate"

- 21.02.2015: Noctura V, Falkendom Bielefeld
with "Eïs", "Scalpture", "Desolate Fields"

- 29.04.2014: Rumpelkammer Kreuztal
with "Fallen Tyrant"

- 30.11.2013: Vortex Siegen
with "Arroganz", "Hyems"

- 07.09.2013: Craving For Darkness, Bluebox Siegen
with "Urmorth", "Horde Of Nebulah"

- 09.08.2013: The Ancient Worship European Tour, Marktwirtschaft Halle(Saale)
with "Ancient Spheres", "Schattenfang", "Shrike", "Rotten Souls"

- 08.06.2013: Noctura III Metal Fest, Falkendom Bielefeld
with "Vyre", "Wilt", "Steorrah"

- 25.05.2013: Metal Night / Metal Leauge, Rumpelkammer Kreuztal
with "Frigoris"

- 31.03.2013: Vortex Siegen
with "Milking The Goatmachine", "Suicide Of Society"

- 02.02.2013: Spring Rites, Rattenloch Herdorf
with "Frigoris", "Profet", "Skelfir"

- 25.05.2012: Noctura II, Falkendom Bielefeld
with "Urmorth", "Negativvm", "Hadean", "träumen von aurora"

- 21.04.2012: PUSH Festival, Hilchenbach
with "Worm Infested", "Suicide Of Society", "Accesory To The Crime",
"Quaint", "Seasons", Deamonizer", "Solid Chilled"

- 25.02.2012: Metal Night, Rumpelkammer Kreuztal
with "Obscure Infinity"

- 15.10.2011: JZ Stricker Bielefeld
with "Spellbreaker", "Urmorth", "Arcsign"

- 23.04.2011: VEB Siegen
with "träumen von aurora"

- 11.02.2011: Rehearsal room party from Return To End, Rudersdorf / Wilnsdorf
with "Return To End"